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Real NLP PractitionerMake 2017 Your Best Year Till Date

You have a dream and now imagine getting the opportunity to make those dreams come true by training in Real NLP because with that you will also learn to overcome any limiting beliefs & behaviours and acquire & establish belief systems and behaviour patterns which empower you for a lifetime!

This is your opportunity to CLAIM YOUR DREAM when you ACCEPT this GIFT which is worth Rs. 48,000/-  as we have decided to waive off our training fees of Rs. 38,150/- completely. We are offering our PREMIUM TRAINING program FREE for you to become a Certified Real NLP Practitioner.

This is our New Year Gift to you, YES, it’s our gift to you.

Gifts don’t carry a price tag…they carry value.

And we at Real NLP Training value your dream. And we value your success. And we wish you to be successful. And what better way to begin the New Year with a New Start.

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER so Claim your Seat NOW as we have decided to completely waive off our training fees of Rs. 38,150/- for the New Year and you can now attend our Premium Training of The Certified Real NLP Practitioner Training by contributing only towards the basic operational expenses. This makes the program virtually FREE for you and you contribute ONLY for what you use including the venue cost, operational expense and training material – which is the minimal cost towards your OWN SUCCESS.

Mark the dates on your calendar for the Real NLP Practitioner Training: 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th and 14th & 15th January 2017 – 6 days – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days.

Venue: Western Suburbs of Mumbai (in / around Andheri)

We are offering this PREMIUM REAL NLP PRACTITIONER TRAINING FREE of cost as a New Year Gift and you contribute only towards the venue cost, high tea, training material & manuals and/or any other consumables.

Your contribution will be only Rs. 9,850/- (Rupees Nine Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty only) for 6 days of training.

Now, the question is: Do you not value the biggest change in your life to not take action and ENROL NOW?

Or are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

And when you become a success, don’t blame us for your dreams coming true!

The EARLY BIRD price of Rs. 9,850/- is till the 25th of December 2016 only after which the price goes up to Rs. 24,000/-

Even if you are late in deciding to enrol now, the same program is available to you at 50% discount of Rs. 24,000/- up till the 31st of December 2016.

And if you really wish to pay the Full Price of Rs. 48,000/- then you can join at your own pace.

Are you ready to pay the price for indecision and procrastination?

Think how far away your goal / dream becomes from you if you decide to not ENROL NOW…also think about the price that you will pay when you don’t TAKE ACTION NOW!!

Now imagine that future which awaits you as you overcome all your limitations and be successful in all areas of life.

Are you ready to ACCEPT and EMBRACE your own GOOD LIFE? Are you ready to TAKE ACTION NOW!!?

Call: +91 90225 66475

Write to: realnlpindia@gmail.com



Lead Trainer: Anil Saighal (NLP Trainer & Coach)