How do you take a decision?

Top 5 Reasons To NOT Join Real NLP Programs

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Everybody wants to sell their products and services but here we believe in educating our clients and help them decide to buy now into what Real NLP is offering for your benefit.

In the process of decision making I take Real NLP Training Programs as a case study.

Let this also become your parameter into anything that you wish to purchase anytime.

Now, let me give to the Top 5 reasons of a decision making process.



1. Value:

Don’t join Real NLP Programs because you don’t value the biggest change that you wish to see in your life and becoming the authentic and real you does not excite you and being successful has no meaning for you because you will be trained by the best in terms of content and delivery of Real NLP.

2. Trust:

Don’t go by the word of people who have been trained, coached and mentored by trainers and coaches here and benefitted  in their lives by Real NLP services and definitely don’t go by the content and duration of what is offered because the programs are structured and delivered like the ones from the co-creators of NLP.

3. Resonance:

Don’t join Real NLP Programs and give yourself the same chance as those who learnt Real NLP or you may just become more successful than you are and may just end up being what you wish to be since you have identified what you value resonates with your core and you can get it.

4. Clarity:

Absolutely don’t enrol in Real NLP Programs because you have got the clarity with these training programs you will get rid of that sense of lacking and failure and you will be on the right track of real success with real NLP because you can gain stability, focus and centeredness now when you join any Real NLP Program.

5. Now:

Don’t take action now because it is not important that when having got your framework of decision in place you will also get lifetime online support as you attend a full Real NLP Program and when you enrol now in the pre-launch / early bird phase of signing up you will get at least 3 months of personalised coaching for any one goal of your life…but then how does that matter…or does it?

So, with your 5 point criteria of Value, Trust, Resonance, Clarity & Now you can apply this structure for any decision process and may choose to explore Real NLP Programs by now the latest Events here.

Author: Anil Saighal (Society of NLP Trainer (Associate) & Coach)

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