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Big H Hypnosis with Anil Saighal


The Big ‘H’ Hypnosis is an intensive 2-days workshop on the skills and techniques of hypnosis.

All change occurs at the subconscious level and thus for any change to be long lasting and effective, it has to be made at the subconscious level and when done right, the results are rapid, intense and in a brief period of time.

At the Big ‘H’ Hypnosis workshop you will learn how to systematically reprogram your subconscious mind so that you are able to eliminate your limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviours and will become more powerful, influential and successful in all areas of your life.

Learning first begins with self before it is implemented or practiced with others and in the 2 days of Big ‘H’ Hypnosis training you will experience the profound effects of hypnosis and will also learn how to use the same tools and techniques for yourself, you can now use with others to bring about positive changes in them so that you will be acknowledged, respected and popularly be called a Master Hypnotist.

One of Anil’s trainees from KASHMIR:

The Trainer:

The Lead Trainer for The Big ‘H’ Hypnosis workshop is Anil Saighal. He is a Master Hypnotist from Omni Hypnosis Training Center (USA), an NLP Coach and NLP Trainer (Associate) certified by The Society of NLP (USA) and Certified Trainer by Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India.

Anil has been a Business Coach and Trainer from the past many years and has successfully used his skills and knowledge of Hypnosis & NLP in the development of people for their personal and professional growth in the areas of their life, business, finance, relationships and health & wellness.


Visit: www.anilsaighal.com

Come and stay with us and learn The Big ‘H’ Hypnosis!

Who can join this program?

This is an open to public workshop and there is no prerequisite or any pre-qualification to attend this workshop.

All you need is a curious mind, a desire to learn and the determination to become better than before. This workshop does not require you to have any special skills before joining, but you will acquire all the necessary skills of a Master Hypnotist.

Why should you join The Big ‘H’ Hypnosis Training?

♦   To acquire the basic skills of a good hypnotist.

♦   The program has a no-nonsense approach which demystifies and presents hypnosis in the simplest possible way.

♦   You will notice a very rapid change within yourself by the end of the program.

♦   You will be able to effectively practice self-hypnosis for your own rapid development.

♦   You will be able to hypnotise anyone in less than a minute.

♦   Make others experience deep levels of trance and even do hypnotic anaesthesia and amnesia.

♦   You will be able to teach self-hypnosis to others for their benefit.

What do you walk away with at the end of the program?

♦   The ability to hypnotise individuals and groups.

♦   The tools, techniques and skills of a successful hypnotist.

♦   The ability to create instant likeability, establish rapport and maintain deep connection.

♦   The understanding to use anything and everything to induce a state of trance.

♦   The capability to design your own hypnotic inductions.

♦   To use hypnosis in your professional practice.

What will you learn in 2 days?

1.  What is Hypnosis?Best hypnosis course in Mumbai, INDIA.

2.  Dispelling the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis.

3.  The mind and its working – Conscious & Subconscious.

4.  The way ideas and thoughts are held in the mind.

5.  The tussle between Willpower & imagination.

6.  The Mind-Body System.

7.  The structure of trance and how to safely practice self hypnosis.

8.  Formulating suggestions in an effective and acceptable way.

9.  Eliminating negative beliefs and behaviours.

10. Establishing powerful beliefs and empowering behaviours.

11. Understanding emotions and emotional states and how to change them.

12. Methods of communicating with the subconscious mind.

13. How to induce trance in others.

14. Understanding and using ideomotor and indeosensory responses.

15. Using the pendulum.

16. Levels of trance.

17. Using classical conditioning to program the subconscious mind with words, symbols and gestures.

18. Inducing anaesthesia and amnesia under trance.

19. Using hypnosis for pain management.

20. Different types of hypnotic inductions.

21. Progressive Relaxation Method of Hypnosis.

22. Different types of Rapid Inductions.

23. Instant Hypnotic Inductions (less than a minute).

24. Deepening states of trance.

25. Suggestibility tests to gauge hypno-responsiveness.

26. Post-hypnotic suggestions and intensifying changes under trance.

27. Techniques to emerge from trance.

28. Everything is hypnosis and how to use anything to induce trance.

29. The structure of a hypnosis session.

30. Teaching hypnosis to others.

And many more things.

Listen to what R. Karthik, the program coordinator & organiser from KANYAKUMARI has to say:

People from KASHMIR to KANYAKUMARI are talking about their experience of learning hypnosis with Master Hypnotist, NLP Trainer & Coach – Anil Saighal.

Our workshops are in small intimate groups to maximise the learnings and each of the participants is given individual and personalised attention.


Call: +91 98940 53698 / 88507 62754

Write: realnlpindia@gmail.com

We value time, effort and money – yours and ours – and so the structure of The Big ‘H’ Hypnosis Training has been designed in such a way that it has been built and tweaked to make optimum use of what & how the human mind can learn effectively in the shortest span of time.

And IMPORTANTLY – You will Save both – Time & Money!!

Anil will teach you in TWO DAYS of intensive, interactive and experiential learning what normally takes others to do in two weeks.

This PREMIUM course is normally priced at Rs. 17,500/- whereas anywhere else you would end up spending at least Rs. 40,000/-

You pay just Rs. 8,500/- (Rupees Eight Thousand and Five Hundred Only)

And your effort will be rewarded way beyond the duration of the workshop as we believe in establishing, building and maintaining relationships that last over a lifetime. You will always have our support in the best way that we can offer you.

Hear out to some more of Anil’s international trainees from:

•   Kazakhstan                                     •   Dubai                                     •   Myanmar

Program Details:

Date: 16th & 17th of September, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (both days)

Venue: Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari

Cost: Rs. 8,500/- (inclusive of stay, lunch, 2 high teas, trainee’s manual & certification)

For Registration and any other Queries:

Call: +91 98940 53698 / +91 88507 62754

Write: realnlpindia@gmail.com