NLP Business Metaphor – The Biology of Business

NLP Business MetaphorNLP helps understand and develop ideas and creativity. And NLP metaphors are a very powerful technique to understand complex concepts in a simple way. This is one key tool which every NLP Practitioner worth his salt must endeavour to master.

Using the NLP metaphor technique to explain organisational behaviour is what should make up for interesting reading.

Running a business can be simple or it can be complex and complicated.

But, running a business successfully can, for sure, be invigorating and especially when you understand the various components that make it function smoothly like a well oiled machine…and interestingly also make it grow – like an organism.

NLP Metaphors in Business

Business functions like a living organism and so it is also called an organisation, which means that there must be / are functions, processes and systems that must be organised.

Biologically, for any organism to show signs of living and being alive there must be these 7 parameters present:

Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion & Nutrition – MRS GREN

Now let us look how we can apply these parameters from an organism to an organisation.


NLP Business MetaphorsFor any organisation or company to be living, alive and successful, there has to be movement – physical and tangible as well as abstract and intangible.

  • Is it moving towards achieving its goals and targets?
  • Is it moving towards measurable success?
  • Is there movement and cohesion within the organisation itself?

And it is here that innovation plays a significant and defining role for movement towards success.


There are various NLP techniques by which we can identify and perceive this movement.



NLP Business MetaphorIs the process of breaking down carbohydrates and using its energy to fuel the body. It means converting resources into the fuel that will support the organism’s life processes and ensure its survival. Applying this principle to an organisation, it is important to identify the organisation’s most important resource and nurturing it and making optimum utilisation of it, which will ensure success and survival for the company. Now these resources can be the workforce, the finance, the work culture and values, the product / service and anything that drives or moves it towards its goals.

NLP Coaching plays a major role in this process.


NLP Business MetaphorIs the ability to give and receive feedback from the environment and surroundings that ensures protection, safety and survival of the organism. Understanding to apply this principle to an organisation is not rocket science, but actually applying it is indeed rocket science. Why? Because of the human tendency to be so caught up with the task at hand that the larger picture / vision tends to be lost. The tendency to ignore small but significant pieces of information / feedback / evidence which can make the difference needs to be understood.


Establishing ‘unconscious’ signals is a very powerful way of New Code NLP for this.


Is a natural process of evolution and maturity for an organism, which essentially means becoming more in magnitude of what it already is. Applying this principle to a business or organisation is like stating the obvious. Over the period of time of its operations, how much growth has the organisation shown, in terms of revenue, profits, market share, employees, infrastructure, operations and / or any other activity or process which will increase its magnitude or size when measured against time.

The NLP Well-formed Outcomes lays out the blueprint of success for growth.


NLP Business MetaphorIs the natural process of making another like own to ensure the continuation of the species.

  • Is the company opening more branches across different locations?
  • Are the promoters launching new businesses based on their current model of success?
  • Is there replication of successful processes with the system?

These can be some of the pointers of organisational reproduction.

NLP Behavioural Modelling is the core of all NLP techniques.


Is the removal of waste of not only what was ingested and digested but the removal of waste and toxins from the internal processes of the cells with the body of the organism.

Now this principle when applied in the context of an organisation, can cause a paradigm shift in the perspective, vision and operations of the company because it not about removal of the toxins from external factors, but removal of the unwanted elements from within.

NLP Metaprograms are an effective diagnostic tool to help in this process.


Is the innate sense given by Nature to an organism to ingest those nutrients from available supplies from different sources within the ecosystem which will support all the other life processes within the organism to ensure its survival. For an organisation it is pertinent to recognise to take in only from those sources and those inputs which are going to ensure its health, ecology & environment –  be it whether in terms of raw material, quality workforce, ideas & innovations, finance & funding and policies & processes – amongst many other things.

NLP NeuroLogical Levels can be used to determine the well-being of an organisation as well as to align with its vision and mission.

The beauty of NLP metaphors is that they do not need to be explained and are open to interpretation of the perceiver. They belong to higher levels of abstractions and invite the audience to create their own personal understanding.

They help greatly in coaching and NLP coaching sessions prove in providing the impetus and intrinsic motivation to plan and take those action steps for greater success in life.


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Author: Anil Saighal

Certified NLP Trainer (Associate), Society of NLP


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