Goal Getting in 2018 with NLP

Hi, I just had a couple of questions for you.

  • How much money did you spending on this year’s New Year Eve Party?

  • Would you like to welcome 2019 with a celebration that’s 10X times grander and pricier than 2018?

  • If yes, then what are you going to do in 2018 which will make you Celebrate such a party in 2019?

If you continue doing what you’ve always done, you will continue to get what you’ve always got

– Tony Robbins.

I am Anil Saighal, NLP Trainer & Success Coach.

The image below could be a view from the seat to your dream destination.

Goal Getting with NLP

I am inviting you for a weekend lunch on the Indian Republic Day of 2018. Come, spend the day with me.

Learn to design your future, set your goals and plan those do-able action steps so that you raise your success in 2018 at least 10X times more.

And I have upgraded this from the previous version and added 6 High-powered modules to it call it – The UGST v2.0 (version 2.0)

After all, you want to celebrate 2019 in a 10X times grander manner, don’t you?

This is not just Goal Setting…This is Goal Getting!

I will be sharing with you my premium coaching tool – The Ultimate Goal Setting Tool v2.0

I call it The Ultimate because this is going to last you way beyond the day, month, year and decade.

It is going to last you a lifetime!

This is not going to be a typical “You-can-do-it” motivational pep talk.

This is Creating the Blueprint of Your Success

I will not give you just a fish to feed you for a day. I will teach you how to fish.

Once you know how to use The Ultimate Goal Setting Tool, you can use it to Create Compelling Goals for yourself forever.

Be they Goals for your Business, Career, Relationships, Health and/or any aspect of your life, this process has a Universality and versatility about it to fit into any context.

And I am offering this Premium Session at an unbelievable price…which is going to be far less than what you spent on 31st December New Year Eve Party for 2018.

So, you’ve even decided now what you want to do in 2018 and you may have even made your New Year Resolutions…

Let me show you some facts and figures according to The Guardian, UK.

  • How many New Year resolutions have you made in the past?

  • How many have you broken?

  • And, how many have you fulfilled?

When you rub the magic lamp and when the genie will ask you, “Which of your 3 wishes should I grant you?”

What is your answer going to be?







My third wish would be, “Grant me 3 more wishes!”

When you rub life the right way, it will grant you all your wishes…and not just 3 wishes.

Provided you know what and how to ask from life.

The Ultimate Goal Setting Tool v2.0 will help you do exactly that!

And as I had promised to you earlier, this is going to cost you less than your New Year’s Eve Party.

Join me at morning tea, have lunch and then evening tea…and in between we will have these great sessions of learning and planning and setting goals that come to being true.

The UGST Training v2.0 is also for Rs. 3518/-

The UGST is available only to Coaches as a download for Rs. 12,500/- and that too without a Live Training.

I am offering this practically FREE for you.

Rs. 3518/- is just to cover the expenses for the day.

Program:             The Ultimate Goal Setting Tool Training v2.0

Date:                     26TH January, 2018

Time:                     8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Cost:                      Rs. 3518/-

Venue:                 Pune City

CALL:                     +91 88507 62754

WhatsApp:           +91 90225 66475

WRITE:                  realnlpindia@gmail.com

NLP Goal Setting

I wish to see you on the other side…beyond Your Success.

Trainer: Anil Saighal

  1. Master Trainer – Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India
  2. Trainer (Associate) – The Society of NLP, Ca USA
  3. Member, Board of Directors – European Community of NLP, Austria

Post ScriptNLP techniques and processes are some of the most powerful and rapid ways to bring in change.

The Ultimate Goal Setting Tool v2.0 is something which I use for my most high-performing clients in Coaching with NLP.

Success is a habit. And habits reside in the muscle memory.

You want healthy teeth which will last you a lifetime. You don’t want a set that will trouble you, right? And that is why you brush your teeth every morning. It is a habit. And it is a habit about which you don’t remind yourself every morning that by not brushing what would happen, isn’t it?

Think about your Goals as your set of teeth that will let you bite into the fruit of your success and allow you to enjoy it.

The Ultimate Goal Setting Tool v2.0 is like brushing your teeth which installs the habit of success in your muscle memory.

Is even a day without brushing your teeth acceptable?

Then why should a life without attaining your dreams be acceptable?

Not taking action in 2018 is a year gone waste.

Goal Setting with NLP