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We are offering you one of the most powerful tools to change your mind now – Join The Multi Certification 9-Days Certified NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach & Hypnosis for Coaching Training, Introduction to New Code NLP and Core Transformation (with Mark Andreas) in Mumbai this November.

You have a dream and now imagine getting the opportunity to make those dreams come true with this NLP certification course because with that you will also learn to overcome any limiting beliefs & behaviours and acquire & establish belief systems and behaviour patterns which empower you for a lifetime!

International Coaching Federation, ICF, the world’s foremost coach training & certifying body, also includes NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach training and Application of NLP techniques in their curriculum and training tools.

This Diwali Season join us for this Premium International Certificate NLP Practitioner, Coach & Coaching with Hypnosis, Introduction to New Code NLP & Core Transformation training at a fraction of the cost of NLP certification programs for a very special price.

Consider these time bound offers as you decide to be ready for the biggest transformation and change in your life.

Early Bird Price (up to

The course contents for this NLP training are as per the ethics & guidelines of the Society of NLP, the world’s original NLP certifying body.

What you invest is practically the least course fees for any NLP certification, whether it is a live training or any NLP courses online.

Being a Coach can be one of the most rewarding professions one can be in.

And being a Certified NLP Coach puts you way ahead in your skills as a coach because you can choose your own niche as a Life Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Relationship Coach, Wellness Coach amongst many other options.

Firstly – personally it brings into perspective one’s own habits, behaviours, skills & beliefs and once having got that awareness one can take the necessary and appropriate action steps towards achieving one’s life goals.

This itself can be such an awakening and can be so empowering that you want to share your success with others and contribute towards their growth too.

Secondly – as a profession Coaching is highly paying and it is one of the fastest growing multi-billion dollar industries in the world.

Unfortunately there are not many competent and high performance oriented coaches who can cater to such a rapidly growing market.

NLP has such a structured approach to Coaching and yet within its framework it allows complete flexibility and freedom to actually lay the foundation for massive success.

Hypnosis has been conventionally used as a therapy tool, but we believe in breaking conventions and establishing new norms and here you will learn to use hypnosis as a Coaching Tool.

Upgrade yourself, enhance your skills and add another option to accelerate your career growth by adding NLP, Hypnosis & Coaching in your toolkit.

The Real NLP Training & Coaching Company is providing you with the opportunity to attend and qualify as a Certified Real NLP Practitioner, Coach & Hypnotist for FREE in Mumbai

 Call: +91 88507 62754 / 90225 66475

This is your opportunity to CLAIM YOUR DREAM when you ACCEPT this GIFT of the Certified Real NLP Practitioner (which is worth Rs. 48,000/-) + the Real NLP Coach (which is worth Rs. 30,000/-) + Hypnosis for Coaching (which is worth Rs. 17,500/-) for FREE.

We have waived off our training fees completely on these 3 trainings worth Rs. 95,500/- + Taxes

We are offering our PREMIUM TRAINING programs at the basic operational cost of Rs. 31,500/- all inclusive (for Real NLP Practitioner + Real NLP Coach + Hypnosis for Coaching) in MUMBAI City.

Training dates: 19TH to 24TH December 2017

Time: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (all 6 days)

Gifts don’t carry a price tag…they carry value.

And we at Real NLP Training value your dream. And we value your success. And we wish you to be successful. And what better way to celebrate Christmas & New Year than with Real NLP!

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER so Claim your Seat NOW.

Now, the question is:

Do you not value the biggest change in your life to not take action and ENROL NOW?

And are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

So, when you become a success, you can blame us for your dreams coming true.

You can attend the Certified Real NLP Practitioner Training worth Rs. 48,000/- + Certified Real NLP Coach worth Rs. 30,000/- + Hypnosis for Coaching worth Rs. 17,500/- total worth Rs. 95,500/- + Taxes —> FOR JUST Rs. 31, 500/- ONLY

And if you really wish to pay the Full Price of Rs. 95,500/- + Taxes for the training, then you can join at your own pace.

Are you ready to pay the price for indecision and procrastination?

Think how far away your goal / dream becomes from you if you decide to not ENROL NOW…also think about the price that you will pay when you don’t TAKE ACTION NOW!!

Now imagine that future which awaits you as you overcome all your limitations and be successful in all areas of life.

Are you ready to ACCEPT and EMBRACE your own GOOD LIFE? Are you ready to TAKE ACTION NOW!!?

Call: +91 88507 62754 / 90225 66475

Write to: realnlpindia@gmail.com


We have invited one of the Top NLP Trainer’s in India

Anil Saighal - Trainer, SNLPTrain with Anil Saighal – Certified Trainer (Associate) from The Society of NLP (CA, USA)

The Society of NLP is the world’s first and original certifying body in Neuro Linguistic Programming founded in 1979 in California, USA by Dr. Richard Bandler & John Grinder, the co-creators of NLP.

The Society of NLP has the highest and toughest qualifying criteria in the world and has stringent norms for its trainers about the standard of training programs offered by them.

Real NLP Practitioner in Mumbai

Anil is also on the Board of Directors of the prestigious European Community of NLP, based in Vienna, Austria and which has some of the world’s top trainers associated with it.

The ECNLP endeavours to standardise NLP Training Courses to the highest level in terms of content and delivery.

He is authorised to certify his courses with the prestigious ECNLP Seal of authenticity.

Real NLP Practitioner Training in Mumbai by Anil SaighalHe is also amongst the first 11 Master Trainers in India to be Certified by the Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council of the National Skill Development Corporation under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India.

The MEPSC Training Model has been developed after an in-depth research, co-ordination, collaboration and consolidation of some of the best training modules in the world and this training is developed with the philosophy of empowering people and preparing them to attain and live their highest potential.

Additionally, Anil is also a:

(1) Certified Coach Trainer (2) Master Hypnosis Trainer (3) Behavioural Trainer (4) Corporate Trainer and (5) NLP Advanced Behavioural Modeler.

Program:             Real NLP Practitioner Coach

Training Dates: 19th to 24th December, 2017 (6 days in all)

(1) Certified Real NLP Practitioner

(2) Certified Real NLP Coach

(3) Certified in Hypnosis for Coaching

Venue:       To be announced

                                        Western Suburbs of Mumbai

Take action NOW for a change and Call: +91 88507 62754 / 90225 66475

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