NLP Practitioner Level Training Course

Best NLP Practitioner Training in India

The Most Well Developed NLP Practitioner Training Course in India

Certified NLP Practitoner, Certified NLP Coach and Introduction to New Code NLP now in Pune City.

The Real NLP Training Course is most unique in India because at the NLP Practitioner level itself you will learn the necessary skills of an NLP Practitioner, also be introduced to core skills of New Code NLP and also become professional Certified NLP Coach.

These Certified NLP Practitioner level Training courses in Pune City are conducted by Internationally Certified Trainers and Master Trainer Certified by the Government of India.

The program content, delivery and standard of training are adhering to the ethics and guidelines of The Society of NLP (founded in 1979 by Richard Bandler & John Grinder, the co-creators of NLP) and The European Community of NLP (headquartered in Venice and defines the quality standards of NLP).

The Program details are as follows:

Training:      Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified NLP Coach

Introduction to New Code NLP

Dates:            14th to 19th August 2018 (6 days in all)

Time:             8:30 am to 5:30 pm (all 6 days)

Venue:           IIHT, Deccan Centre

Lane Opp. Hotel Vaishali,

FC Road, Deccan Gymkhana,

Pune – 411 004

For a moment just remind yourself of the New Year Resolutions, if you had made any.

Have you kept them or broken them?

Research studies show that 65% – 80% of resolutions are broken, neglected and/or forgotten by the middle of the Year.

By the time you attend this training it would be August…well past the half year mark.

You have dreams and now imagine getting the opportunity to make those dreams come true by training in Real NLP because NLP Practitioner level training you will also learn to overcome any limiting beliefs & behaviours and acquire & establish belief systems and behaviour patterns which empower you for a lifetime!

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ACCEPT this GIFT of the Certified NLP Practitioner (worth Rs. 48,000/-) | Certified NLP Coach (worth Rs. 30,000/-) | An Introduction to New Code NLP (worth Rs. 14,500/-).

We have decided to waive off more than  55% on our training fees of Rs. 92,500/- completely. We are offering ALL 3 PREMIUM TRAINING programs for A Special Price of Rs. 39,000/- in PUNE City (only up to the 3rd of August 2018).

The icing on the cake is that our training comes with No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

We are offering The Real NLP Practitioner Level Training Course at very Special Price Options:

The India Independence Day Price: Rs. 39,000/- (upto 3rd August 2018 only)

The Early Bird Price: Rs. 59,000/- (upto 10th August 2018 only)

The Full Price: Rs. 79,000/- (10th August 2018 onwards)

CALL: +91 88507 62754 / WhatsApp: +91 90225 66475

What makes the Real NLP Training Courses so Special?

Using the appropriate NLP processes, tools and techniques, our trainers have consistently delivered results in the field of self-development & human excellence, be they in the context of personal or professional growth and your success is what makes them successful amongst the best NLP Trainers in India.

We, at The Real NLP Training & Coaching Company, are constantly upgrading to and incorporating the latest inclusions in the field of Neuro Lingusitic Programming and thus we are amongst those few in India who are introducing & presenting New Code NLP, which is the brainchild of John Grinder.

Our Certified NLP Practitioner course is the most intensive and comprehensive NLP training as we truthfully follow the Classic Code NLP Practitioner Training format as defined by the co-creators of NLP – Dr. Richard Bandler & John Grinder – and their originally established Society of NLP.

Being a Life Coach, Executive Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Relationship Coach and/or any other niche that you may choose from after attending the Certified NLP Coach will give you that platform to launch your Coaching career with the first and original Coaching model in the world.

How does training in NLP help?

NLP is one of the most rapid forms of change work and has consistently proven to give faster results that are long-lasting and help in changing behaviours, beliefs and emotions.

Another important aspect that a Certified NLP Practitioner learns is the ability to gain clarity in one’s life goals and as a NLP Coach get the necessary tools to lead personal mastery and change in self and in others.

NLP training not only helps overcoming fears, phobias, anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, bad & troublesome memories, depression, trauma, nervousness and anything that is restraining at a mental & emotional level.

Training in NLP also helps to create and build up positive empowering behaviours, strong belief systems, alignment with one’s core values, strengthening self-image and creating strong supportive perceptions.

What you can do with NLP, you can do that faster with New Code NLP and that is why John Grinder calls it “The Ferrari of NLP!”

Top athletes and great achievers of the world in any field have ready access to their “Inner Genius” and so they can be in a High Performance State at any/all times and that is the magic of New Code NLP that Real NLP Training will introduce you to.

As an NLP Coach you will be in a position with all the necessary tools and processes to put your “Inner Genius” to work and also have the ability to help and guide others to recognise, plan, implement and achieve life’s goals and purpose.

Meet the NLP Trainer:

NLP Master Trainer Anil Saighal in Mumbai

Certified Trainer (Associate) from The Society of NLP (CA, USA)

Anil Saighal - Trainer, SNLPThe Society of NLP is the first and original certifying body of NLP in the world and was formed in 1978 by Dr. Richard Bandler & John Grinder, the co-creators of  Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The Society of NLP has the highest and toughest qualifying criteria in the world and has stringent norms for its trainers about the standard of training programs offered by them.

Member on Board of Directors of European Community of NLP

Real NLP Practitioner in MumbaiAnil is also on the Board of Directors of the prestigious European Community of NLP, based in Vienna, Austria and which has some of the world’s top trainers associated with it.

The ECNLP endeavours to standardise NLP Training Courses to the highest level in terms of content and delivery. Anil is authorised to certify his courses with the prestigious ECNLP Seal.

Certified Master Trainer from The Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship

Real NLP Practitioner Training in Mumbai by Anil SaighalA Master Trainer amongst the first 11 in India to be Certified by the Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council of the National Skill Development Corporation under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India.

The MEPSC Training Model has been developed after an in-depth research, co-ordination, collaboration and consolidation of some of the best training modules in the world and this training is developed with the philosophy of empowering people and preparing them to attain and live their highest potential.

We at Real NLP Training value your dream. And we value your success. And we wish you to be successful.

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Mark the dates on your calendar for the Certified NLP Practitioner | Certified NLP Coach | Introduction to New Code NLP

Dates: 14th to 19th August 2018 – 6 days – 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on all days.

Venue: IIHT Deccan Centre

Lane Opp Hotel Vaishali, FC Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune – 411 004.


Now, the question is:

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The India Independence Day Price: Rs. 39,000/- (upto 3rd August 2018 only)

The Early Bird Price: Rs. 59,000/- (upto 10th August 2018 only)

The Full Price: Rs. 79,000/- (10th August 2018 onwards)

CALL: +91 88507 62754 / WhatsApp: +91 90225 66475

Now imagine that future which awaits you as you overcome all your limitations and be successful in all areas of life.

Are you ready to ACCEPT and EMBRACE your own GOOD LIFE? Are you ready to TAKE ACTION NOW!!?

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