Real NLP Practitioner Base Camp

NLP Practtioner Training with Master Trainer Anil Saighal

A Base Camp is a place whereby expeditions start and end. A place to call home away from home…and a place where noble troupes gather.

At The Real NLP Practitioner Base Camp let the exploration and expedition towards your success and growth begin…and keep continuing.

This is a 7-days Residential multi-certification training program at a beach-side getaway near Mumbai commencing from the 10th to the 16th of November 2017

On successful completion of the training you will become:

  1. Real NLP Certified Practitioner
  2. Real NLP Certified Coach
  3. Real NLP Certified Hypnosis for Coaching

The course content and structure of the program are as per the ethics and guidelines of The Society of NLP

NLP Practtioner Training with Master Trainer Anil SaighalThe 3-in-1 high-end premium program is being offered as an amazing package of training, certification, lodging and boarding, where learning continues beyond just the four walls of the training room environment.

In addition to the certifications, with the option of international certifications, you will gain some very, very powerful personal changes and the blueprint & structure to bring about such changes in yourself and in others too.

This is a world-class training to give you the maximum value for the time, effort and money that you invest to bring about, accept and apply all the learning as you enroll now and attend this training starting from the 10th up to 16th of November 2017

At The Real NLP Practitioner Base Camp you will learn how to change anxiety into inspiration, procrastination into action, stress into strength, fear into motivation and a few things into many more things.

The Real NLP Certified Practitioner Training is worth Rs. 48,000/- (+GST)

You will also get the opportunity of a one-on-one  personal coaching session with India’s ONLY Master Trainer Certified by the Govt. of India who is also a Certified Trainer (Associate) from the original Society of NLP and is a Celebrity Coach.

This one coaching session itself is worth Rs. 15,000/- which will be yours for FREE

NLP Practitioner Training has some extremely powerful and simple to follow processes and techniques that allow you to create more choices and changes in  behaviours, beliefs and states.

The person or system with the maximum flexibility of behaviour will control the environment – this is an important operational presupposition of NLP.NLP Practtioner Training with Master Trainer Anil Saighal

You will learn the exact steps to create more options and choices to generate behaviours that will make you excel in every sphere of life.

All so-called limiting / disempowering behaviours, states and mindsets are a matter of unconscious choices and decisions that had been made at a given point in time.

And at The Real NLP Practitioner Base Camp 7-days Residential Training you will acquire these powerful and simple to follow processes and techniques, which are also rapid and long lasting in the change that they produce in getting rid of years of conditioning, fears, phobias, bad memories, beliefs and mindsets that hinder one’s progress, growth and success.

Powerful beliefs, a stress and anxiety free mind and the abundant & progressive mindset of a winner will become a natural process for you and a matter of choice.

The question will not be “If…”; it will be a matter of “When…”

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has such variety and flexibility of application and use that be it coaching, counselling, therapy, consulting, it can and is used across all contexts and even for leadership development, relationship management, performance enhancement in sports or any field and even health and wellness.

NLP Coaching at The Real NLP Practitioner Base Camp 7-days Residential Training, is a very practical and hands-on framework of Applied NLP where you will gain the methodology and structure to create not just your visionary goals but also the checks and processes of taking action steps to ensure that your plans reach and achieve your desired outcome.

Real NLP Practitioner with Anil Saighal in MumbaiBeing a Coach can be one of the most rewarding professions one can be in.

Firstly – personally it brings into perspective one’s own habits, behaviours, skills & beliefs and once having got that awareness one can take the necessary and appropriate action steps towards achieving one’s life goals.

This itself can be such an awakening and can be so empowering that you want to share your success with others and contribute towards their growth too.

Secondly – as a profession Coaching is highly paying and it is one of the fastest growing multi-billion dollar industries in the world.

Unfortunately there are not many competent and high performance oriented coaches who can cater to such a rapidly growing market.

NLP has such a structured approach to Coaching and yet within its framework it allows complete flexibility and freedom to actually lay the foundation for massive success.

Get highly paid for making people successful and grow with them too in their fame and glory of living life to the fullest.

The Real NLP Certified Coach Training is worth Rs. 30,000/- (+GST)

You will also get one of the most powerful coaching kit – The Ultimate Goal Setting Tool designed by our Master Trainer & Celebrity Coach, which you can brand and will be yours for life to use for yourself and your clients.

The Ultimate Goal Setting Tool itself is worth Rs. 7,500/- which will be yours for FREE

Real NLP Practitioner with Anil Saighal in MumbaiHypnosis for Coaching is a very unique concept that combines the structured approach of Classical Hypnosis and the linguistic free-flow of Ericksonian Hypnosis and a collaborative model in coaching excellence for compelling outcomes has been created.

Hypnosis in a very powerful tool to access as well to create powerful and resourceful states which act as triggers for the unconscious mind to generate those appropriate behaviours which will help in achieving goals and also at the same time maintain high levels of motivation.

With this high-impact module you will shift into the action zone of Goal setting to Goal getting which will make being successful your default mode setting.

The Real NLP Certified Hypnosis for Coaching Training is worth Rs. 17,500/- (+GST)

You will also learn 2 rare & powerful hypnotic trance inducing techniques that are not taught at any hypnosis training school in India. Rare things do not carry a price tag…they are marked by value.

You will get these 2 high-value techniques for FREE

A Summary of what you will get at The Real NLP Practitioner Base Camp

This is a 7 Days Residential Training Program which carries the following certifications:

  1. Real NLP Certified Practitioner (Course fees: Rs. 48,000/- + GST)
  2. Real NLP Certified Coach (Course fees: Rs. 30,000/- + GST)
  3. Real NLP Certified in Hypnosis for Coaching (Course fees: Rs. 17,500/- + GST)

TOTAL COST (A): Rs. 95,500/- + 17,190/- (GST) = Rs. 1,12,690/-


  • One-on-One Power Coaching Session (worth Rs. 15,000/-)
  • The Ultimate Goal Setting Tool (worth Rs. 7,500/-)
  • 2 Power Trance Inducing Techniques (no price tag)

TOTAL (B): Rs. 22,500/-


  • Cost of Lodging & Boarding (inclusive of all meals & twin shared accommodation)

TOTAL (C): Rs. 12,810/-

TOTAL VALUE (A+B+C): Rs. 1,48,000/-

The Good News

How much do you actually pay?

As part of our People’s Empowerment Plan with the mission to spread the awareness that Massive Success is possible and probable and within the grasp of every single human being and excellence in achievement is a natural process in the evolution of human potential development, “We are” as they say – “making an offer that you can’t refuse!”

Pay an all inclusive cost of just Rs. 48,000/-

  • In effect, at the cost of The Real NLP Certified Practitioner Training worth Rs. 48,000/- you will get to attend 3 world class Premium Training Programs worth Rs. 1,48,000/-
  • You SAVE Rs. 1,00,000/-
  • The cost of Rs. 48,000/- includes GST, Training & Certification, Manual & Training Material and Lodging & Boarding (on a twin sharing basis).
  • Program to be facilitated by Celebrity Coach & Top NLP Trainer in India.

Meet The Trainer: Anil Saighal

NLP Master Trainer Anil Saighal in Mumbai

Anil Saighal - Trainer, SNLPCertified Trainer (Associate) from The Society of NLP (CA, USA)

The Society of NLP has the highest and toughest qualifying criteria in the world and has stringent norms for its trainers about the standard of training programs offered by them.

Real NLP Practitioner in Mumbai

Anil is also on the Board of Directors of the prestigious European Community of NLP, based in Vienna, Austria and which has some of the world’s top trainers associated with it.

The ECNLP endeavours to standardise NLP Training Courses to the highest level in terms of content and delivery. Anil is authorised to certify his courses with the prestigious ECNLP Seal.

Real NLP Practitioner Training in Mumbai by Anil SaighalA Master Trainer amongst only 11 in India to be Certified by the Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council of the National Skill Development Corporation under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India.

The MEPSC Training Model has been developed after an in-depth research, co-ordination, collaboration and consolidation of some of the best training modules in the world and this training is developed with the philosophy of empowering people and preparing them to attain and live their highest potential.

Additionally, Anil is also a: (1) Certified Coach Trainer (2) Master Hypnosis Trainer (3) Behavioural Trainer (4) Corporate Trainer and (5) NLP Advanced Behavioural Modeler.

Create a future of choice…and not of chance!

Program:   The Real NLP Practitioner Base Camp

Dates:         10th – 16th November 2017 (7 days)

Venue:        Umbergaon Club & Resort

Madhuvan Complex, Umbergaon – Sanjan Road, Umargam, Gujarat 396171

Link to the venue on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/UA2JKgFWE6L2

Cost:           Rs. 48,000/- (inclusive of taxes, training, certification, manual, lodging & boarding)

Register now as we have a limited number of seats

Call: +91 88507 62754 / 90225 66475

Write: realnlpindia@gmail.com