Real NLP Training


Real NLP Training

  • What is NLP?

If every behaviour has a structure, then Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience and what can be calculated and derived from that.

NLP is also known as the user’s manual for the brain.

NLP provides us with the insight into the structures and patterns in our thinking and the factors that determine those patterns and structures, which more often than not are internal, for what is external is our behaviour.

Thus we get an understanding of ‘how‘ we do ‘what‘ we do.

As Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues” and NLP teaches you to identify, interpret and tweak those clues for your own Personal Power and Success.

Thus it becomes extremely important to learn Real NLP for Real Success.

In the early 1970’s John Grinder & Richard Bandler, the co-creators of NLP, were able to codify the structure of human behavioural patterns into models that could be adopted and they used them to teach how to use them.

NLP is a very versatile and adaptable collection of processes and techniques which has a wide and varied use and application in virtually any context, be it counselling, therapy, coaching, consulting, business, marketing, sales – the list is virtually endless – and if it can be put in a nutshell, then we can say that you are limited only by your imagination and you can use and apply NLP in any area that you wish to succeed using Real NLP.

Real NLP

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As Richard Bandler says, “NLP is an attitude which is an insatiable curiosity about human beings with a methodology that leaves behind it a trail of techniques.”

NLP is not a tool to diagnose psychological / mental conditions and is only a model or structure that is applied to bring about behavioural and/or state change and the best way to learn NLP is to experience it first for yourself thus at Real NLP we use NLP to teach NLP.

This is what makes NLP such a powerful modality of change, growth and success and such is its impact that when you don’t know it, it is magic…and when you do know, then it is technology.

And once you have mastered the techniques and the underlying principles of NLP, you will then be in a position to create the magic of how the human mind communicates at conscious and unconscious levels both verbally and non-verbally.

Real NLP offers you choose the option to make a beginning of your NLP with:

  • The Real NLP Coach.
  • The Real NLP ‘Big C’ Coach.