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Real NLP Associate Practitioner

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  • Program Overview

The Associate Practitioner of Real NLP Skills is an interesting entry level training program designed for those individuals who are looking to be on track for deeper and more real NLP experiences.

In four intense and high energy days you will learn the fundamental skills and applications of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the relevance of pure and real NLP in all of the diverse aspects of your life.

Real NLP

Real NLP Seal of Excellence

On successfully completing this training program, you will receive The Associate Practitioner of Real NLP Skills.

The Certified Associate Practitioner Program puts you on track for your real NLP journey and is also the 1st Segment of The Real NLP Practitioner Training Program.

When you later wish to continue with your Real NLP Training, you can directly join us in the 2nd Segment of The Real NLP Practitioner Training Program on the basis of having successfully completed The Associate Practitioner of Real NLP Skills.

Now imagine that having got some important real NLP tools in your hands, you are able to create a bright picture of your future success.

Also imagine being able to easily blast through limitations and create and realise compelling goals.

You will assimilate, absorb and get mastery on your communication skills, with special abilities to precisely read and understand non-verbal communication, as you easily become the influencing factor in your environment.

And now presume that having become an excellent communicator and build rapport instantly with just about anyone, including those people who are considered resistant, you are able to achieve just that much more when you join The Associate Practitioner of Real NLP Skills Program.

  • Content Of Course

Advanced Diploma in Real NLP Skills

Train to be the best in Real NLP

As you enroll to train in The Associate Practitioner of Real NLP Skills Program, you will discover new landscapes of possibilities because at the end of this 4-days training you will gain more than most locals who train for regular NLP Practitioner programs and you will be way ahead, which means that when you complete your Real NLP Practitioner Training Program you would have got the necessary skills, exposure and experience of Neuro Linguistic Programming to experience change at this level and be ready to be cause of change that you can bring about in yourself and in others by using what you train in now ready to be the best as you resolve the challenges that you face with all the resources that you have within you as you decide now to use all that you have in your Real NLP toolkit.

  • Frames & Outcomes

Recognise where you are, set where you want to be and learn how to get there in life.

  • States

Realising how your values and emotions determine your actions and results will empower you to control what you do and what you get.

  • Representational Systems

Understanding the basic model of human experience and how our memories are recorded, stored and accessed through our sensory inputs.

  • Anchoring

When you get clarity on the Cause-Effect Relationship and the Stimulus-Response Model that determine your behaviours and then learning to set, control and use them naturally will put you in an empowering position.

  • Strategies

Knowing ‘how’ you do what you do gives you the choice of continuing with the same or change for the better you better change or continue getting the results that you are already getting.

  • Reframing

Experiences by themselves are meaningless. What gives them ‘value’ is what ‘belief’ we have about them. Learning to look at them from a different perspective or ‘frame’ can have a profound effect in thinking and in action.

  • Metaphors

Words are representations of reality and metaphors are symbols or representations of those representations which give us our sense of identity. Master the skills to identify your identity.

  • Linguistic Models

The answers that you get are determined by the quality of the questions that you ask…learn the art of information gathering and the language of precision.

There is a science and structure behind influence and persuasion…learn the science of being artfully vague and become the factor that influences and controls situations, circumstances and surroundings.

  •  Rapport

Certainly the most essential amongst all NLP skills. Learn to communicate not just at the conscious level of awareness but even beyond conscious awareness and become a Master of Effective Communication.

The Associate Practitioner of Real NLP Skills is a 4-days program that puts you on track to further your quest for  excellence with The Real NLP Practitioner Program and The Real NLP Master Practitioner Program.

You can very effectively put into practice the skills that you learn with Real NLP in the context of furthering your self-development, for your business, career, finance, relationships and health & wellness by learning to create realistic goals and also have the drive and motivation to achieve them.

  • You will develop the skills of effective communication with yourself and with others.
  • You will learn how to be more efficient, effective and successful in all that you do.
  • You will be aware of the self-limiting beliefs that had held you back and now you are so easily able to overcome them.
  • A tool bag of Real NLP processes and techniques will always be available to you so that you are always in a position to help yourself and others to perform at the highest levels.

The natural progression is then to move to the levels of Real NLP Trainer & Real NLP Coach and continue exploring the new possibilities and rare knowledge of Real NLP in The Masterclass.

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