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The Real NLP Master Practitioner Training is amongst the most in-depth, authentic and comprehensive programs that are available anywhere in the world.

The focus of this program remains on Real NLP Modelling & Coaching where you will learn to decode and destructure the magic of NLP.

Real NLP

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When John Grinder and Richard Bandler created NLP, it was after identifying, unpacking and studying the structure of excellence and success of primarily three leading agents of change – Dr. Milton H. Erickson (Hypnotherapy, although his magic extended way beyond it), Virginia Satir (Family Therapy – she may even be called the Queen of Breakthroughs) and Fritz Perls (the father of Gestalt Therapy) and then they prepared a structure of this magic.

Grinder & Bandler further expanded and refined this model and extended it in such a way that the application of NLP has become a way of life beyond just techniques, processes and a set of skills.

Modelling thus remains the backbone that supports the structure of Real NLP, which means that you will learn the driving principles of the techniques and processes of NLP and at the end of the program be in a position to develop your own NLP techniques.

As typical with all our training programs, The Real NLP Master Practitioner training will also be immersive and experiential, which is to say that the training environment will embody the spirit of NLP in everything that happens and your learning will happen not just by following the steps of the techniques and processes but by modelling the implicit and explicit demonstration of every technique.

At the end of the program you will be able to lead and influence individuals and groups with your advanced linguistic skills to easily, effortlessly and elegantly bring about cognitive and behavioural changes.

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It is magic when you don’t know it…and it is technology when you do.

That’s the beauty of Real NLP.