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•  Program Overview

Join this special Real NLP Practitioner training program and acquire the most powerful tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming to help develop yourself and others to lead a fulfilling life of excellence.

The focus of this course is oriented towards coaching. Thus if you want to get trained in helping others achieve their goals, overcome challenges and become more successful in life, then you are at the right place.

All of us have sometimes or the other played the role of a coach and so by joining this Real NLP Practitioner course gain an understanding into the structure and practices of Coaching and establish your success by helping others become more successful – be it in the areas of business, financial management, health, education, relationships and/or sports.

According to the co-creator of NLP, John Grinder, NLP itself and especially the Meta Model is the world’s first and original coaching model. Now you want to use NLP in the context of either therapy or coaching then you are adequately equipped with Real NLP tools to handle any situation with ease and expertise.

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Thus you become a very successful Practitioner of NLP whether you want to do conventional therapy or become a successful coach in one of the fastest growing billion dollars industries of the world or even if you want to establish your mastery and success in fields like marketing, consulting, management, communication, health and wellness, you are ready to just take up any challenge.

Training is experiential and you will acquire all the necessary skills through practice by participation as during the course of the program you will be a witness to some stunning breakthroughs…some your own and some of others.

And then as a qualified Practitioner of Real NLP you will be in a position to fully become an agent of change in others what you had experienced in yourself while learning NLP. Hence it is also recommended that you continue to at least the Real NLP Master Practitioner level so that you can practice as a thoroughbred professional.

•  Program Layout

The Real NLP Practitioner Training Program is a comprehensive training program in real and pure NLP and is conducted over a period of 10 days in 3 Segments.

Real NLP Training

Get the power to light up the skies…

Segment 1: The 4 Days Associate Practitioner of NLP Skills which begins your exploratory journey in the world of NLP and gets you on track for growth, success and personal mastery.

Segment 2: This is another 4 Days of Real NLP Practitioner Training which provides you with all the necessary tools processes and mental preparation to implement real NLP skills in the real world.

Segment 3: The final leg of the journey is 2 Days duration which coaches you and prepares you to practice your NLP skills within the Coaching Framework and you become a fully qualified NLP Coach (Practitioner).

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•  Content of Course

Become a highly successful Real NLP Practitioner and take your success and skills to the next level with additional enhanced Coaching skills where you will be able to define and design your own success as well as for others using real and pure NLP.

If you have completed Segment 1: The Associate Practitioner of Real NLP Skills then you can directly continue your journey by completing Segments: 2 & 3.

NLP Practitioner Training

Get into the flow state

  • Frames & Outcomes

Detailed understanding of framing & frame control and the 3-Steps Process of Framing, Deframing and Reframing.

  • Rapport & Unconscious Communication

Based on the NLP presupposition that you cannot not communicate, you will learn to calibrate the non-verbal responses of people with enhanced sensory acuity and learn the skills of pacing and leading a communication.

  • Classic Code NLP

Understanding fully what has been quoted by the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler, that NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience.

Sub-modalities: The “coding” language of the mind.

⇒ Anchoring: Advanced uses of Classic Conditioning.

⇒ Strategies: The algorithm / program that the mind runs which determine behaviour.

⇒ Reframing: The basis of change in NLP and applications of NLP.

⇒ Metaphors: Understanding inner subtle representations and using them for influence and change.

Additionally, also get to learn some very powerful processes developed by the co-developers of NLP like Steve Andreas, Connirae Andreas, Robert Dilts, Tad James and Anthony Robbins.

Real NLP Practitioner

Space & Time are constructs of the mind

•  Perceptual Positions

As the adage goes that to truly understand a person, walk a mile in his shoes. Learn the skills of Perceptual Positions and know the distinctions between the self, other and observer and the learnings that can be got from each position.

•  Timeline Coding

Get a deeper understanding of how our memories are stored and sorted in our minds and be in a position to resolve issues of the present originating in the past and also learn to form a future that has its roots in the present.

•  Metaprograms

Metaprograms are the deepest seated “programs” or behavioural patterns which run in the innermost layers of the mind and are very specific and contextual in their process and form the basis of personality. It is the thinking behind thinking in an individual.

•  Linguistic Models of NLP

⇒ The Meta Model: is the language of precision that ensures unambiguous and clear communication. It systematically breaks down limiting beliefs and restructures and builds powerful and positive resourceful states.

⇒ The Milton Model: is the language of influence that makes you an enchanting and hypnotic communicator to whom everybody wants to listen to. It has very powerful language patterns which make profound changes in a permissive way.

Real NLP Practitioner

Growth is a process of constant change

•  New Code NLP

A brief introduction to the evolution of NLP from behaviour management to state management as defined and developed by John Grinder, the co-creator of NLP, and what he calls the New Code NLP.

•  The Coaching Model

⇒ Introduction to Coaching: What is coaching? How is it different from therapy? The history of coaching.

Importance of Coaching: Why the need for Coaching? How can Coaching help you set and achieve your goals?

The Coaching Framework: What is the criteria of selecting a coaching client? How to conduct a coaching session? Incorporating NLP tools  and processes into coaching work. Setting the goals & outcomes for both, the Coach and Coachee/Client.

Coaching Contexts: How to coach individuals and how to coach groups? Coaching for Leadership, Management, Business, Health & Wellness, Relationships, Sport and/or any other context.

•  On Graduation Day

Real NLP Practitioner

Celebrate life the Real NLP way!

You will be evaluated on your level of commitment and participation shown on training days and your involvement and initiative shown in the activities related to the processes of NLP.

You will be tested on your level of competency in the skills and applications of NLP and your knowledge of the material that you have learned in the duration of the course.

On successful evaluation you will become a decorated member of The Real NLP family and be certified as:

•  The Real NLP Practitioner

•  The Real NLP Coach (Practitioner)

•  The Road Ahead

NLP is such a versatile and adaptable model of influence and change work that its applications are virtually limitless. Change first begins with self and you will find a complete transformation occur within you and with those others that you interact with as you become a skilled Practitioner & Coach of Real NLP.

You will be taught such Coaching Models that are far ahead of what are used by many local, national and international coaching federations and which have been overtly or covertly adapted by them.

But NLP still remains the first and original coaching model of the world.

Real NLP Practitioner

Let the adventure continue